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The 12-30 project

The 364-1 project is done. What I’ll retain through it all is that the amazing array of tools we are using in the digital world allows us to compose endless combination of color and shapes.

For 2015 I decided to explore a different format – use a minimum of tool to create new, interesting art-shapes. I’ll call this project 12-30. 12 month, 12 programs. 1 program a month, 30 images per program, 1 image per day…

Thank you for having followed me throught 2014 – If you are interested again to see where I am going with this new format you can follow the 12-30 project development on a brand new blog at http://jcdigitaljournal.wordpress.com

Here is a preview of where it starts…




364 – 1


Day 364 + 1! – Jan 1st– 364+1 images later – what do I find underneath it all? A strange smiley face with a Dali melted clock on its head??? Fun journey all the same.

Project done – time to go and celebrate.

Happy New Year All.




Day 360 – Dec 27. Oh no – I did a painting! … I am keeping it in because it raises a few question I never really thought of before. Art is art – but the medium we use is also fully part of whatever statement we produce. Why would I reproduce an oil painting with digital tools when I can do just as easily with – a canvas, a paintbrush and a few color tubes? OK – what I see here is a make believe oil painting I produced digitally. Selfishly – I miss the excitement, the physical presence of the pigments, the smell of resin & turpentine, the pleasure to physically move left and right, up and down over the canvas surface! Why would I use digital technology to reproduce something that is a unique physical experience? I’m not convinced – but it happened… I have to ponder on this – maybe YOU know better 🙂  –  PSD>AS filter – impasto.