Day 4 – 3×2 yellow strips – 30/60/90% opacity.

This feels more and more like a chess game. Unfortunately I barely can project 7 moves much less 30 and definitively not 364! I am sure a mathematical algorithm could compute all the alternatives. Then again, chances are it would look like a massive smorgasbord of color and shape unless I entered many more parameters I don’t know of yet. That’s where creativity and randomness in art kicks in I guess…




002. January 2. Already some issues:  to keep track of my moves, I have to create another grid where I will be able to map out each move,  make sure they don’t overlap. Organizing & planning are killers of spontaneity in art !  I have to organize my – save as – to automate as much as I can & not spend time managing files instead of creating.

Here is grid #2


Day one

One image a day – for 364 days – with no master plan!

A kind of visual diary I guess but even a “visual” writer needs a vocabulary to express his thoughts. For that purpose I selected a basic language composed of a grid of 7 color/7 objects.

– The color palette? The 7 primaries colors – a salute to Newton – Red #ff0000; Orange #ff8000; Yellow”#ffff00; Green #00ff00; Blue#00ffff; Indigo #0040ff; Violet #8F00FF – I like the idea that indigo will be the wild card. It has been hotly debated/contested by many scientists in terms of light and wavelength. One need a little spice in the blend!

– The shapes?  7 fundamental 2D shapes from which all other 2D and 3D shapes evolve.

– The inspiration? Whatever my mood is that day!

364 sounds very far away when you start a project like that – then again, who knows where it will go…


An image a day for one year.

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