Day 364 – Dec 31. PZB> 3D terrain, sphere. PSD>offset, layer effect.




Day 360 – Dec 27. Oh no – I did a painting! … I am keeping it in because it raises a few question I never really thought of before. Art is art – but the medium we use is also fully part of whatever statement we produce. Why would I reproduce an oil painting with digital tools when I can do just as easily with – a canvas, a paintbrush and a few color tubes? OK – what I see here is a make believe oil painting I produced digitally. Selfishly – I miss the excitement, the physical presence of the pigments, the smell of resin & turpentine, the pleasure to physically move left and right, up and down over the canvas surface! Why would I use digital technology to reproduce something that is a unique physical experience? I’m not convinced – but it happened… I have to ponder on this – maybe YOU know better 🙂  –  PSD>AS filter – impasto.