Day 303 – October 31. Working through a magnetic storm – Several apps are unresponsive with the new Yosemite OS I just installed. To compound the problem my server went down real bad and I have to restructure all my virtual networks. At least WP ‘still holding steady. Maybe that’s why I’ ll call this one “Unplausible networks”!…. PSD>Reorganizing/resizing objects. layer effects.




Day 299 – Oct 27. I was not too sure how to transition from last week series of images that were becoming more and more complex visually. I did not want to use my regular palette – it would have been a repeat of other previous transitions. So I just went into basic PSD filters and started from there: filter gallery> stamp to flatten the shapes & reduce the color scheme to 2 basic colors. I extracted the red and used the distort filters several times until I got the effect I wanted. The only new element is the red sphere at the center – Quite a redistribution of pixels from yesterday’s composition! We’ll see where it goes from there.



Day 297 – Oct 25. Texturing away. Jumped one day – could not get it ready yesterday because of other demanding commitments. A conflict I have had to struggle with lately – is it better to wait until the work is right or should I post for the sake of posting everyday? Once in a while, it feels good to do what right – not what’s needed. Oh well…PSD>filters/stainglass, extraction, layer effect.