Day 150 – May 31. Yesterday’s image reprocessed in AI. Image trace, Path> simplify, average. PSD Layer effect.




Day 146 – May 27. Processed the central figure in SLM. Kaleidoscope, conformal map. It is interesting how rearranging the pixels in a new pattern gives a whole different dynamic to a visual statement. It has become very helpful to both carry the consistency of the thread I created for this project (image progression) and opening up new and original compositions standing on their own.


Day 144. May 25. SLM> conformal map.PSD> posterize. Filters>wave. The ship of fools – It’s been raining for 2 days. Light, color outside, this design starts to look like a Hieronymus Bosch painting… Characters tell a story. Yet again, I am not sure 2D art is at its best telling stories – it distracts the viewer from the visual dynamic which should be a universe of its own.