Day 119 – April 30. PSD 3D mode> mesh preset >tube, ring, pyramid.




Day 118 – April 29. Every day is a different day here. Yesterday’s darkness has been replaced by a bright blue sky & metallic sun. This one I did by extracting the central figure & using image #114 as a pattern. The composition & texture reminds me of the work of a local artist I’ve admired for many years – Darlene McElroy http://darleneoliviamcelroy.com/ – Unexpected!



Day 117 – April 28. Different kind of databending….Here we are – end of April, snow falling and a nasty wind blowing thick clouds all over the sky. Temperature is in the low 40s – feels like 34º, they say. Two weeks ago I was getting sunburnt on the beach! The weather, like the environment or the light, does affect how you translate emotion into visualization. This one today starts to looks like a New Mexico adobe structure retreating in its winter mode but keeping a a little Spring window open – just in case – in the lower mid right side. PSD>selection new layer>layer effect.



Day 115 – April 26. Audacity > effect > repeat > reverb. PSD > layer > opacity. Just when I was starting to take my work a little too seriously I found an article by Paul Weider on his CritiqueCollective blog about Databending – or Glitch art. Running an image through a music program sounded like a fun break! Here is the result. Thanks Paul!



Day 113 – April 24. – PZB>2D brush/bump brush. PSD layer effect. Felt like bringing figures in the design & bring some life to it. Added date on text to remember what day of the week it is. Also need to keep more detailed tabs of the transformation. Always a difficult choice: either go on with the creative process and forget about the in between steps or writing about the creative process specific steps and interrupting the natural flow from one transformation to the other.